Metasploit Sniffing victim’s network


Lets see how we can use the Metasploit framework to sniff the victim’s network and what we can get from that.

Our Lab:
A  MacBook with Vmware Fusion on it.
Target: A Virtual Guest with Windows XP SP3 with two Ip addresses ,
Attacker: A Virtual Guest with Backtrack 5R1 with the Ip address

The Steps:

  • Running pingsweep to find the victim’s IP.
  • Running Nmap to find possible vulnerabilities.The victim is running a ftp server.
  • NC to the port to grub the banner.
  • Searching Metasploit for exploit.
  • Going to exploitdb to search more.
  • Downloading the exploit.
  • Putting the exploit in the Metasploit Framework.
  • Exploiting the victim using a meterpreter payload.
  • Use of the  ipconfig command  on victim reveals one more ip subnet
  • Use sniffer.
  • Starting the sniffer on  the proper interface.
  • Waiting for the sniffer to grub some packets.
  • Downloading the pcap file for further analysis.
  • Openning the file in Wireshark

Let’s go….

The Pcap file shows our  victim trying  to find the local master browser so it sends a Get Backup List Request and the master browser with the ip address of sends a GET Backup List Response.

So now we know another IP address in the network……..end of Part 1.!
At the next part we will see the exploitation of the new host.


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