PoURaN PE-Cryptor v1.01

PoURaN PE-Cryptor v1.01 cpp/asm source This time contains the executable too…

Yes am back… And this is a very short post.. I just made a new version for the PE-Cryptor because I needed to make the Cryptor work also without adding a new section! So this version has some functions changes, a new parameter for new section or not, and light changes in user messages…

I insert an image just to show the use of the new option..



New feature of pe-cryptor

PoURaN PE-Cryptor v1.01


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3 Responses to PoURaN PE-Cryptor v1.01

  1. saeid says:

    thank you for your good site & programs.
    I download your exe file & source code . the exe file work and hasn’t any problem , but when I run the code in Visual studio 2010 after pass files to programs I onsider an error “Unhandled exception at 0x00006000 in 1.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation.”
    please create your solution in visual studio and test it and upload it on site so I can download it .
    thank you

  2. PoURaN says:

    I just compiled and tested again.. and works fine with some executables i tested.. No probs at all..
    Give me more details for your prob please.. Which is the 1.exe ? what executable is that?

    Or just try to compile the cryptor.cpp from command line..

    – Find vcvarsall32.bat and execute it within a command line window
    – then go to a folder where u have cryptor.cpp and do “cl cryptor.cpp”
    That’s exactly what I do..

  3. saeid says:

    as I say , your exe file is work fine , and if compile cpp file in order you say above the exe file created work fine!
    but it is not that I mean.
    – start Visual studio 2010
    – create a win32 consol application
    – select empty project and then add your code to a .cpp file
    now we run this program and we see that in this situation we consider error:
    Unhandled exception at 0x00018000 in 1.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation.
    my question is why when we run code in visual studio we see this error??
    if you say your mail I can send you , images to explain detail better

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