Metasploit Sniffing victim’s network


Lets see how we can use the Metasploit framework to sniff the victim’s network and what we can get from that.

Our Lab:
A  MacBook with Vmware Fusion on it.
Target: A Virtual Guest with Windows XP SP3 with two Ip addresses ,
Attacker: A Virtual Guest with Backtrack 5R1 with the Ip address

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A reversing / analysis approach of FlexCrypt : Exploitation-one failed

- The following stuff is done in an environment of Win XP SP3 VM w/ .NET v2.0 .. Also tested in Win7x64 and Win7x86 -
- Tools used : Just ollydbg
- App can be found in : . 

Everything started when I firstly saw the security magazine “Hakin9” ( presenting FlexCrypt .. I downloaded flexcrypt, and started to testing functionality etc… But I have a bad habit… after some minutes, instead of looking the functionality, i fired up Ollydbg and started exploring its code… I focused on every interface that was accepting user’s input. I wanted to check some BoF vulnerabilities. My attention was caught by the Registration Dialogbox. Fuzzing the input by hand (exception appears in string length > 452) I noticed that the application throws an exception…! That needs examination..

First of all, we assume that the operation is simple : U press Validate -> some function (1) reads your input storing it to a buffer -> string manipulations and memory allocations happen -> some function (2) validates your input -> message for good or bad news 🙂

So, hands on.. attaching Olly on the process, cause the application to overflow entering a long input. Olly shows up, and we land in KERNEL32 :

Kernel RtlRaiseException

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