Setup Maltego Transforms on BT5r3


It’s been a while….:)

One friend of mine ask me to show him how to setup the transforms in Maltego and I said that I will create a fast screen cast . The video has no sound so you don’t have to turn on the volume 😉

Maltego is an open source intelligence and forensics application.
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We will add some   additional transforms from Shodan.
Read more here

My distro is  Backtrack 5R3 and Maltego is already installed.
You have to create an account to connect to Paterva’s Servers. I am skipping this step in my video.
Basically what you have to do is to accept the disclaimers on all transforms.

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One Response to Setup Maltego Transforms on BT5r3

  1. yede says:

    The videos on Vimeo is not clear. Do you have a youtube channel with HD recording or something like that? I want to know how to use maltego but I cant get quality tutorial on it

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